28Day CH – Day 22 – the final week!

Monday morning weigh-in: 64.7kg

Funnily enough my naughty week only resulted in a 300g increase from last Monday’s weigh-in so that’s interesting. But all the little increases mean I’m only 600g down from my starting weight! Ha! It just goes to show how much those little weekend blowouts, and particularly alcohol, make it really hard for us to keep the weight down as we get older. So this week is a dry week ALL week. No weekend blow outs so I can see what I can really do.

I’m straying a little from the meal plan this week too as I haven’t done groceries because we were away for the weekend and the budget is super low as most of it was spent on fun things while we were away. I do however have a fair bit of healthy food in the house and I’m just going to attempt to make it work. I will pick up some small items at the shops to get me through but that’s it.

Here is what I ate today:

Toast with peanut butter + 1 apple


Rice cakes with lite cheese

Cup of tea

egg and lettuce wholemeal sandwich

Bounce protein ball

Shepherds pie – delivered by a friend!

Honey baked ham crackers

Remember I said we have a family member with health issues who needed rescuing? Well that all happened today. I basically spent from about 1130 this morning to 8pm at night sorting all that out – from airport collection to hospital admission. I am doing it totally solo here – no family about to help and the kids’ dad in Sydney so I am very grateful to two friends who took my kids and gave them dinner and basically just sorted it all out so I could be elsewhere. The friend who took Mr 8 brought him back with a plate full of a freshly cooked meal for me. It was so damn delicious and I am so grateful.

So tonight I am tired because it’s been a long day plus I know there is more hospital coordination to be done. And I’m just so grateful to have such supportive friends around me to show me the love. I couldn’t do it without them.

Didn’t exercise but oh well. There is still 6 days left in the week. We will try again tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “28Day CH – Day 22 – the final week!

  1. Sorry you are dealing with family member stress. That’s the worst. Also, that energy ball thing looks yummy but a bit pricey for the size… I’d go broke on those for sure. Good luck this week with your goals. I should probably write down more concrete goals each week.


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