28Day CH – Days 15 – 21 – Emotional eating and a weekend away

This week has been a bit of a fail in challenge land. I started out all happy and motivated and then found out there was quite the family drama that involves huge costs for us. They have medical issues but it’s a self inflicted space and someone who has not been the best family member themselves so it feels like they really don’t deserve the effort we are all about to go to for them but we do it anyway as we are human and can’t leave someone to die despite their bad behaviour. Anyway I was weak and I fell off the wagon a bit.

I actually did quite well with food up until the afternoon each day but I had a few wines every day this week, plus binged on lollies, an entire 12 pack of macaroons, pizza and garlic bread and probably something else I’ve forgotten.

The week started with me having put back on 800g of the 1kg I’d lost by the previous Friday. Bloody weekends. It wasn’t all bad news though. I did my measurements and mid challenge fitness test and there was a definite improvement in each. Yay!

I also am starting to notice a massive improvement in my shape so even though the scales aren’t super flux the workouts are making a difference and that helps me keep going.

Exercise wise I’ve just done my two trainer visits this week. I really need to get better at doing an at home workout on the days I’m not at the gym.

This weekend we have been away in the big smoke to celebrate the kids’ dad’s birthday. Again, I tried to make the best food choices possible but I have definitely drunk some alcohol. I’m looking forward to a dry week this week.

There is only one week left on the challenge. It is going to be a bit stressful this week as I have to take on a bit of ongoing coordination with this external family member who needs our help but I’m determined to do it all with a clear head. Cheating last week actually just made me feel gross. For the first time I really noticed how bad unhealthy food can make you feel. By Thursday I had a cracker of a headache and I really do think the shitty food after eating well for awhile played a part.

I will weigh in tomorrow out of interest but I’m not hopeful of it being that good a result but it is what it is. I need to know the impact of my choices.

Hope you have all had a great week and I will see you next week with a better more committed ME!


One thought on “28Day CH – Days 15 – 21 – Emotional eating and a weekend away

  1. The scale can definitely be deceiving, so it’s good you took other measurements to track progress, way to go! We are all going to have ‘those’ days and weeks, so long as they don’t become the lifestyle you can get right back to it.

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