28Day CH – Day 23

Today was another busy day! It was get the kids off to school, purchase items for the hospital patient, visit the patient, speak with nursing staff, rush off to work over an hour late – lucky I work for understanding folks. Then pick up school based child, back to hospital to get the run down of the day and advocate, hit the grocery store, pick up younger child from daycare and get home with an exhausted plonk.

Let the kids off bath time as I was exhausted and fed them their favourite microwave meal which they were very excited about. It makes me feel slack to admit that but hell, cooking for 30 mins when I didn’t get home until after 6pm just wasn’t going to happen. I felt majorly guilty that Miss 3 was the last kid at daycare but apparently she loves the novelty of it! Ha!

Today’s food:

Black coffee, 1 sugar

1 slice Wholegrain toast with 1/4 avo and a hard boiled egg. A few pieces of green apple the kids didn’t eat.

2 Wholegrain crackers with cheese

Tomato and lentil soup (packet) + slice of Wholegrain toast

Coffee 1 sugar

Bounce protein bar

Super Nature microwave meal

2 x squares dark chocolate

The microwave meal was actually super yummy. I will definitely have it again if under the pump with time. This is the second time I’ve eaten lentil pasta and I really like it – much more than I expected!

No exercise today…again. Thankfully I have the PT booked tomorrow so there is no choice but to work out.


15 thoughts on “28Day CH – Day 23

      1. I haven’t missed a workout this week! Although some days were a bit more phoned in than others. My diet on the other hand was not at all good… One thing at a time I guess?


      2. My week was better! I feel like my diet was an improvement over last week, but still could use some work. I’ve been trying to track in MyFitnessPal app. It helps


      3. Yes I think the act of tracking helps you acknowledge what you eat. I’ve had a really great week food wise. I’m trying to keep the weekend much lower key this time…see how it goes.

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