About Me

What is a personal blog but the most self indulgent of pursuits?

I feel like I can say that as this is something like the fourth blog I have set up. In all instances I have been writing about my experiences and my opinions in some shape or form. Yes, in all cases there has been an intent to help others with my experience but still, it has been all about me. After all, I’m not really equipped to write all about anyone else, right?

Hence the name Self Indulgent Navel Gazing, which I think *shock horror to my linguistics major self of 15 years ago* is probably a tautology but let’s not go there. The 40+ version of me is trying to be less of a pedant about such things.

I am hoping beyond hope that this blog can be my final writing space to see me through the ups and downs of life.

It is a blog about nothing and everything. Stick with me here, it’s going to be fun. Promise.

Thanks for stopping by.  You’re the best.



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