28Day CH – D5 + D6

Day 5

Strangely enough and despite the wine I bounced out of bed this morning in the most amazing mood. I felt super motivated to get in and tackle many of the tasks I didn’t get to yesterday and enjoyed myself immensely as I bustled round the house getting things done.

It’s so bizarre how things can change so quickly from one day to the next.


To top it all off I did my pre-weekend weigh in this morning and much to my surprise I’ve had great results this week.

Weight: 63.2kg / -2.1kg

I was honestly flabbergasted. I was so sure it must be wrong I reset the scales and weighed myself three times but nope, same result EVERY TIME. I have no idea why I’ve dropped so much in 4 days. I don’t expect this sort of result every week but it’s certainly a nice surprise when it happens.

I am now officially at my lowest weight so far this year!!

I’m worried last night’s wine hasn’t hit my system yet but oh well. I’ll just have to keep it clean as much as I can for the weekend. I’m out for dinner on Sat night and it is Mr8’s birthday pizza night tonight but I’m going to try and be restrained and make it all work so there is minimal overall impact. Fingers crossed.

Meal Plan

Berry French toast – can you believe it?

Whole grain crackers with cheese

Left overs


Pizza night

B – I was thrilled to see French Toast on my menu. It felt like such a treat. I had mine with blueberries as that’s what I had and I used a wholemeal rye sourdough for the bread.

MT – crackers as per plan

L – I had a late lunch as I had the gym at 1pm. I’d scheduled leftovers and chose the second serving of ginger chicken. This time I had it with the salad accompaniments and some sweet chilli sauce. I liked it better when I had the veg.

AT – I skipped it because PIZZA night

D – I sweated all day about how best to participate in pizza night. Like did I want pizza or instead those yummy cheese and garlic ball thingys.

They are absolutely DELICIOUS. But definitely not the size of a meal.

The pizza option would be something like the Vege Trio. At least that would have had the chance to be almost healthy with actually VEGE on it. Anyway, I got the scrolls. Ha! As delicious as they were they actually made me feel a bit queasy afterwards so I think I’ll opt for pizza if we have one of these nights again.

Aside from that I had a small handful of crisps the kids were eating after dinner and that was it. The scrolls had unsettled my tummy enough that sipping on soda water was more than satisfying! Yay!

Exercise – I did a 45 mins weights session with my PT (personal trainer) again today. It was super fun and not quite as hard as the one I did Monday so that was a welcome relief. Still, it was a top workout and would have burned a decent amount of calories and got those muscles working. Whooop!

All in all it has been a really great day!

Day 6

The day started like any other. The kids’ dad works in Sydney at the moment and returns at weekends and his flight was cancelled which blows as it means another day of solo parenting for me but for some reason it really didn’t bother me. We had been invited to hang with some friends at a resort close by so given I had something fun to do with the kids today it didn’t feel at all hard. Winning! He is now flying in at 6pm at which point I will gladly hand over my delightful spawn and head out for dinner with a friend! Ha!

Meal Plan

I barely had anything planned for today as we are usually out on a Saturday so it ends up being a series of leftovers or making do. Plus I’m out to dinner tonight.

B: Chia seed pudding (changed) – I forgot to prepare this last night so prepped it for tomorrow morning instead and made myself some egg on toast with pepitas – I just made it up in my head. It probably wasn’t high calorie enough as my head got foggy and I felt hungry still almost right after breakfast.

MT: Apple and peanut butter – I wolfed this down and added a pear too.

L – we had simple ham / turkey bread rolls at the resort. I took all the ingredients including salad to put with them but we all got lazy and the salad remained untouched. The bush turkey kept trying our attack our food while we were away from our seats and I was having a right old laugh about the turkey eating turkey. Ha!

AT: I had two glasses of champagne at the resort so I guess we will call that afternoon tea. Plus some cheese, crackers and olives off a tasting plate but hardly any.

D: I went out with a friend for dinner. We had delicious Nepalese which is kind of similar to Indian but different too. It was SO good. My friend and I shared a bottle of red and then went to pub and had a few drinks there. I had mainly vodka and cranberry which isn’t ideal with the fruit juice thing and then I splashed out and had a Canadian Club and dry right before leaving. I was home by 1130pm though which was nice so didn’t feel at all shit on Sunday.

Exercise – let’s call this a rest day. Ha!

Hopefully I can keep Sunday nice and clean to moderate the impact of those weekend drinks.


2 thoughts on “28Day CH – D5 + D6

  1. All your food sounds amazing! I totally love the “scrolls”… they’re called twisted dough balls here 😂 and I can’t believe you get french toast! Jealous, haha! Congrats on the awesome weight loss! Whoop whoop!


    1. Yes the food is super delicious which I love as it makes it easier to stick to and also I can easily see myself just eating like that the majority of the time and that’s what I need – a way of eating that can be a long term thing.

      Liked by 1 person

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