28Day CH – D3 + D4

I got smart after the first couple of days and decided to rejig my meal plan to suit the changes I’d already made. Let’s see if I have more success at sticking to it.

Day 3 Meal plan

Eat out cafe breakfast for Mr8’s Birthday

Wholegrain crackers with cheese

Cheesy meatloaf and salad

Skip due to big breakfast

Chicken bowl

Birthday cupcake

Obviously there is a bit of modification by our lifestyle choices due to the Birthday today and not all of this is HM approved.

Mr 8 wanted to order for me at the cafe so that was a bit nerve-racking but he did well. I ended up with corn fritters which came with roasted tomatoes, bacon, 2 poached eggs and pesto. I ate maybe 3/4 of it and felt quite virtuous.

TMI warning – About an hour later I did have to go the the loo pretty quickly for a slightly upset tummy which sometimes happens after I eat out for breakfast and I can’t figure out why. I will say it is much much better these days since I’ve been following more closely to the HM menu. Previously I was trying to fast and dabble in Keto and that seemed to make things much worse which is like the opposite of what people will tell you. I just feel like not everything is for everyone and maybe that way of eating really isn’t suited to me. My tummy has settled majorly recently and if I do have a reaction it is much more mild. It would be good if I could work out the trigger.

Breakfast of champions. It was SUPER tasty.

I actually ate morning tea and lunch as scheduled but didn’t do lunch until late as I was quite full from all the morning food.

Also I do have one cafe made almond milk cappuccino daily and then I drink black tea or coffee with one sugar at home if I have anything else. The caffeine can suppress the appetite a bit I find.

I took Mr8 for a birthday afternoon tea and was extremely virtuous. I essentially watched him eat churros and just had a bite as a taster. Oh and ok I had one small chocolate worth a measly 70 calories. Ha!

By the time dinner rocked around I really wasn’t hungry. My side salad with lunch was pretty big and filling and I really don’t think I should eat if I’m not hungry. I work Wednesdays so they are largely sedentary and I think that has a lot to do with it.

Instead I fed the kids, had a cup of tea and two birthday cupcakes and called it a day with a full tummy and a small amount of guilt for the treats.

Exercise – I felt energised for exercise today so did the HM challenge video which goes for 30 mins. I find these videos quite boring and much prefer their supplementary library so I might just do a few of those next time. Either way I MOVED so YAY!


Day 4

I’m experimenting with a slightly different format today!


B: Chia Pudding with Vanilla and Berries – I prepared this the night before and it took me all of 2 mins. It was great to have it all ready to go this morning.

MT: My trusty crackers with cheese as per plan. I was hungry for them today as breakfast wasn’t super filling and I ate early I guess.

L: Ginger chicken bowl as per plan – I modified it slightly though. The recipe has basmati rice, raw snow peas and grated carrot and I just didn’t feel like salad. I steamed some greens instead and chucked it all together with some soy sauce. This was really quick to make as I had pre-cooked 2 x serves of ginger chicken the other night while cooking dinner. It was so worth it as having everything on hand at meal times makes tasty recipes quick and easy.

AT: The kids remembered that we’d skipped ice cream so I took them this afternoon. The plan had me eating apple and PB. I decided to skip both options as I was knackered and knew I wanted a wine. In the end Mr8 handed me half his ice cream as he didn’t feel like it so I had half a gelato and wine. More cheating. *sigh*

D: I had planned for leftovers tonight so I grabbed a few plan approved pre-cooked vegetable loaded meat patties from my freezer and wrapped them in lettuce leaves with a bit of cheese and a dribble of bbq sauce. It was delicious!


Exercise – Miss 3 decided we should walk to the cafe for coffee this morning rather than drive so we did that (her in a stroller though! Ha!). It’s roughly 1km each way so hardly a marathon but it all adds up!

I intended on doing some exercises from the HM app as well but today was a total bust for me in that sense. I really didn’t have my head in the game.

Mood – So far this week I have actually been in a great mood and feeling really well in general. Until today.

Today I woke tired after a bad nights sleep and it was just tiredness and a foggy head and things going wrong all day. Nothing major, just little things.

I had all these plans today to be super productive and managed probably only a quarter of them. I got less cheerful as the day went on. Hence the wine which I know is counter productive to changing things really but anyway.

The interesting thing about blogging all this is I can clearly see the pattern. I’m proud that I stuck mostly to my food plan and didn’t sabotage myself that way but I did have a fair few glasses of wine so that was’t ideal for my head OR my waistline. I think it’s clear I need to work out a strategy for days like this as it is going to happen because that’s life. Anyone have any ideas???


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