28Day CH – D7 + D8

Day 7

Well I woke a tad dusty this morning but altogether not too bad. My biggest success in this challenge is still eating well even if I have a few drinks. I’m so proud of myself for doing this.

Mood wise I feel amazing and quite energised and motivated so except for that shitty Thursday this week I do feel I am reaping the rewards of a cleaner diet.

Meal Plan

B: raspberry coconut chia pudding I prepped yesterday. It took me 30 secs to prep it and another 30 secs to top it this morning. Delicious.

MT: I didn’t get around to breakfast until mid morning and I was pretty hungry so I also snacked on a few more strawberries and a boiled egg as I made one for Miss 3 so we will just call it morning tea.

L: I had a leftover serve of those vegetable spring rolls so decided to make those lunch. I totally cheated and shallow fried them this time which is a touch naughty. I think next time I will just spray oil and bake perhaps. Or dry fry? Not sure.

AT: Figured I should give that a miss after frying lunch. Ha!

D: The kids went out with their dad for dinner in the park so I just heated a packet vegetable soup which I ate with a couple of slices of rye sourdough. It was delish! And so nice and easy.

Exercise – just as I was about to hop into the shower this evening I realised I still had some sweating to do. I did 50 chest to ground burpees, 50 push-ups and 50 frog squats. Something is better than nothing!

Day 8

Mondays are always an exercise in coordination for me as I have to get my kids out the door by about 715am at the latest. Usually though I then have the day free to do chores and some work from home. Today however I was working at a business location for the entire day so I had to get up at 5am to squeeze in my usual mid morning personal training session. As I write this Monday evening I can safely say I am totally knackered.

One thing about working at a business all day that isn’t near any shops is that I can’t just go buy naughty food off plan. I was a good girl and prepared all my meals and it was a super delicious day…except breakfast.

First things first – the Monday morning weigh-in.

Weigh-in – 64.6kg / +1.4kg from Friday but -0.7kg from last Monday.

So as I suspected, the weekend drinking and splurging really just isn’t my friend, even if I do a great job with the food. I don’t believe I’ve actually put all this weight on. Some of it is probably water weight. It has made me super determined to keep it really clean this week and see if I have a better result this weekend. I do have a friend’s birthday dinner this Saturday so I will need to sort a strategy for that but aside from that I’m going to do all I can to keep it clean.

Meal Plan

B: choc orange overnight oats – this was always a bit of a gamble. I’ve made choc orange custard before and it tasted just like Jaffas so I was more than willing to give this a try. This was not the same thing. I only ate half of it then had a wholegrain cracker and some cheese to top me up. This choc orange disaster actually appears on my menu a few times this week. I’m just going to sub it out for a nicer porridge option.

MT: papadums with strawberries, feta and avocado – seems like the weirdest snack but it was so yummy. The crispness of the papadums makes it seem such a treat!

L: low cal rye wrap with rocket, haloumi, sun dried tomatoes as avo. Absolutely delicious. Seriously good.

AT: the plan had wholemeal banana pancakes but I hadn’t pre-cooked any so took wholegrain crackers and cheese.

D: Ginger chicken with vegetables and hokkien noodles. I loved this. The kids not so much.

Dessert: two dark chocolate squares. I need it today.

All in all a pretty magical food day. Some new favourites for me for sure.

I actually have to work all day again tomorrow so I expect I’ll be by here moaning about how tired I am again. I’m not used to these full days and the work is a bit physical. It’s for friends I adore though and want to help, plus we could really use the money, so hopefully I can woman up soon and be tough about it. I’ve had a sore throat so thinking maybe energy levels are low because I’m fighting something and once that has passed then maybe it will feel easier!

Exercise – smashed out a pretty hardcore 45min session with my trainer this morning. I was shaking by the end. Sheesh!


3 thoughts on “28Day CH – D7 + D8

  1. Sounds like you are doing awesome! I like your “something is better than nothing” philosophy on exercise. I still have this lingering head cold and I’ve been using it as my excuse to skip all my workouts. I think I need to muster up some motivation to at least go for a nice walk or do a simple pilates/stretch routine just to remind myself that I can do some things even when I am sick. Maybe it will help kick the end of this cold too. Here’s hoping.


  2. You’re doing awesome! Honestly when I do my 50 burpees I don’t do anything else. I’m too knackered. All your food sounds delicious, I don’t see how that’s a diet, haha.


    1. Haha it’s not meant to be a diet! It’s just meant to be eating healthily with the right proportions of protein/grains/fat etc with an overall reduced amount of calories to what your basic metabolic rate requires and that’s when you lost weight. But when my weight reaches my target I will eat the same but up my calories / portions to help build muscle etc I have been thinking about this a lot this week and how the reason I love this program is that it is a way of life. I can do automated meal plans as long as I want to and I am more likely to keep the weight off if I am not eliminating whole parts of my food intake. That’s the idea anyway!! The premise of this program is that you can actually eat delicious food and lose weight and I watched it for a long time because I was skeptical but I’m starting to believe it is actually true – much to my delight lol

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