28Day CH – Days 24-28 – Lessons Learned


Obviously this post is almost a week late going up and the main reason for that is that I’m just mortally embarrassed at what a weak attempt I made at the challenge AGAIN this week. There was cheating all over the place; I ate a lot of crisps and I drank alcohol at various points while I stressed out about sorting out my Dad and getting him from hospital into aged care. Yes, my dad was my mystery hospital patient. *sigh*

Exercise: I only exercised twice again in the last week and by the time the weigh-in rocked around at the end of the program I was almost back at my starting weight. I felt like a loser.

A loser that didn’t lose. HA!

Anyway I decided so I didn’t go completely batty and hate myself too much I should try and pull the positives out of it. Here is what I learned:

  • I am way more of an emotional eater and drinker than I’d realised. As soon as the going gets tough I really do lean towards using it as an excuse for unhealthy behaviours. Knowing and understanding this tendency is surely the first step to being able to change it, right?
  • Writing stuff on the internet doesn’t make me do it. Yes I am drawn towards honesty so rather than lie about my actions I will just go quiet. That one’s a bit of a shame really as I was hoping the public embarrassment might be a nice big stick to keep me in line but it turns out I actually have to do that myself.
  • I really don’t enjoy exercising at home. On the days I don’t exercise I try to make sure my step count is still up around 11,000 and I do try to make healthy choices like parking further away from the store or whatever. I’m going to have to find an eventual workaround for this issue though if I want to exercise more than my allotted two personal training sessions per week.
  • Working more regularly out of the house does help me to stick to my day to day eating as I usually have to pack my lunch as there is no option close to the office.

I haven’t given up! I’m not officially on a 28 day challenge at the moment but I’m still working to apply the principals each and every day. I’ve actually had a really healthy week this week. I’m making sure to eat a side salad if I have a more treat like meal. Like this morning I had melted cheese on toast as I had a craving but now I’m about to follow it with a side salad for some additional nutrients. I did the same when we had Thai for lunch at work the other day. I opted for a smaller serving of Thai than usual but added my packed green salad to top it off.

All in all I feel like I’m working out a sense of balance. Now if I can just regularly work out an extra two times per week around my new work schedule I will be so happy. I am definitely feeling like this is going to be more achievable now my dad is in aged care around the corner and I’m not racing back and forth to the hospital.

This week coming though we are away visiting my family so holidays! However I’m going to try and maintain healthy choices for the trip as much as I can. Wish me luck! x



3 thoughts on “28Day CH – Days 24-28 – Lessons Learned

  1. Sigh. Sorry it’s been a stressful couple of weeks for you. Dealing with your dad and his issues would certainly take its toll so don’t be so hard on yourself! I’m sorry my blog peer pressure didn’t work, haha. But sometimes you do need to just take care of yourself and function in survival mode. Maybe make a plan for when you are back from holiday, dedicated days/time to fit in a couple more routine workouts. Does your office have a gym?


    1. No my office doesn’t have a gym but I think if I sit down with a calendar now I know my new work days I can probably work out a schedule. I might actually try to do that while I’m away. Thanks for always dropping by and lending your support. I really appreciate it. X

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    2. Btw I like your idea of making a plan for when I come back and I’ve been thinking about it while on holiday. I’m going to draw something up while we are away so it’s ready to go when we return. No gym at work unfortunately so I have to work around that…

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