28Day CH – D13 + 14

Days 13 and 14 were the weekend and it was a pretty social one so I knew I was in trouble. I kept the food pretty clean but I drank wine at the hairdresser on Saturday and then had THREE absolutely delicious and probably extraordinarily high calorie cocktails at dinner. It was Mexican, you have to have cocktails! The rest of the night I drank vodka lime soda (fresh lime only no cordial) which meant my hangover wasn’t too bad on Sunday so I had a productive day.

Sunday we went with friends to a fun day at the Surf Club. There was face painting and all that sort of thing and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I did have a shandy (beer mixed with lemonade – can anyone say CALORIES) and while my food was pretty good I did have way too much sourdough with my soup at dinner time.

Exercise – thankfully I did manage to get my arse to the gym on Saturday morning and do a 45 min workout. I’m not sure it’s enough to keep the weekend binge at bay though. I’m annoyed but you get what you deserve right?

I have actually spent a lot of this week thinking about depression and medication and all that sort of thing as it has been World Suicide Prevention day and R U OK? Day as well this week. I have thankfully never been suicidal but I have been less than OK and I do feel the urge to sit down and write a bit more about that in case it helps just one person. It’s just finding the time. Regardless, it is definitely in my radar.

I actually had someone personally reach out to me recently when they saw me having a tough day and I was so appreciative of it. I was totally fine, it was just a crappy day, but it was so nice to see someone check in because that can also be a hard thing to do. It allowed me to get my shitty day off my chest which probably cleared it for me more quickly than it might have otherwise. And if that person having a shitty day is you, never forget to ask for help. There is always someone to talk to, someone who will listen to your shitty day and allow you to clear the dirt. If the first person you turn to isn’t as receptive as you hoped, try someone else. Keep trying until you find someone who will listen.

R U OK? Messages to me are welcome anytime. X


One thought on “28Day CH – D13 + 14

  1. I love your candor. I would love to read more about your struggles with depression cuz I am right there with you. And if you ever need to reach out you can message me anytime as well 🙂 Life is hard. We all need to look out for each other.


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