28Day CH – Days 9, 10, 11 & 12

Given I’m covering 4 days I’ll try to make it brief.

Day 9 – Tuesday

I worked again today and given I enjoyed the meals so much yesterday I pretty much ate the same thing during the day.

B – cinnamon banana on rye sourdough

MT – strawberry / feta / avo papadums- my new favourite!

L – rocket, avo, sun dried tomato and haloumi mountain bread wrap. YUM!

AT – 2 x wholegrain crackers and cheese

D – spag bol with green vegetables instead of pasta.

DST – 2 dark choc squares

I wasn’t as tired today and my sore throat was gone away so maybe my body was fighting infection and that’s why I struggled so much last night. Mr8 was home from school – fortunately I can take him to work as their office is in their home and we know the family well.

Exercise – aside from working in my feet for the majority of the day there was no deliberate exercise…

Day 10 – Wednesday

Mr8 was home again so I called into my other job that I’d been working from home and I booked him a Drs appt. Lucky I did – it turned out to be a chest infection!

It’s harder to eat well when I’m at home and have easier access to off plan goodies.

B – it was supposed to be porridge but I changed it to the cinnamon banana toast from the day before as it was so delish.

MT – wholegrain crackers and cheese

L – I did a workout at 12 then had to take Mr8 to the doctor at 1pm so it was a late lunch today and I felt lazy about preparing something so bought a wholegrain chicken salad roll from the bakery. They are pretty big and have butter and cheese so I decided it need to cover afternoon tea too.

AT – Well I wasn’t going to have anything but then Mr8 begged me to make him cheese scrolls with pastry so I did and then I ate more than a couple. Plus I had a few of his jelly beans he’d scammed from the chemist.

As a result of the food blow out I didn’t bother with a formal dinner. I fed the kids of course and had a few leftover glasses of sparkling (wine not water) from the weekend.

Exercise – weights workout middle of the day.

Day 11 –Thursday

Girls day with Miss 3 today. She had swimming lessons in the morning and then we went for coffee and ice cream and then we went to an indoor play centre as she has been bugging me to go loads lately so figured today was the day.

B – meant to be porridge again but I changed to wholemeal toast with avo and a boiled egg. It was really yum!!

MT – cheese and wholegrain crackers x 2

L – leftover ginger chicken stir fry from Monday night.

AT – CHEAT – there was a salted caramel choc mousse stashed in the back of the fridge and I decided today was the day. Ha! It was delicious.

D – because I splurged at AT I had my plan AT of strawberry feta avo papadums for dinner and errr 3 glasses of red wine.

Can anyone hear me as I self destruct???

Exercise – exer-what???

Day 12 – Friday

Worked again today! It’s been a massive week work wise for me and I’m knackered. The house is falling apart and my energy levels are low and I totally lost my cool with the kids this morning. I woke up to my period too so I guess that’s also a factor.

FRIDAY AM WEIGH-IN: 63.6kg / -1kg from Monday, -1.7kg so far.

Pretty happy with weigh-in results! Will be pretty devastated if I can’t maintain it over the weekend though…


B – strawberry cream oats – really felt like porridge this morning

MT – felt full from oats so did have snack and waited until lunch.

L – I’d packed a wrap from earlier this week but one of the other girls in the office bought in chicken, salad, olives and cheese and other yummy things to feed everyone lunch. So nice! So I had that instead.

AT – my beloved papadums. Ha!

D – the kids wanted toasted sandwiches again so being Friday night I let them have it with fruit and I just had the same.

Exercise – 100% too tired. I would normally have had a session with my trainer but I had to work all day so it wasn’t possible. It’s really hard to fit in a workout when you work and have kids and no partner there all the time to sub in for you. I could have done something at home I guess but I’m just too fucking tired to be bothered. Bad attitude I know but it is what it is today. The kids dad flew back tonight so I’m going to scoot out in the morning and get something in then.


4 thoughts on “28Day CH – Days 9, 10, 11 & 12

  1. Don’t beat yourself up if your Monday weigh in is higher – I always bloat and retain water around my period – so be mentally prepared for some of that. I think you are doing great. It is tough when you work full time and have kids, even if you do have a partner to help out some. Life is exhausting! I think you are doing great. Are you taking measurements other than the scale?


    1. Yes! I took measurements and did a fitness test on day 1 and I am scheduled to do a mid round review Monday morning so that will be cool as I’m sure there has been change. It’s so true about the period bringing bloating. It is hard to mentally keep it together even when you know that! Silly. I’m committed to get through the 28 days so that should drag me through lol

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  2. You are doing great! You have far more patience than I do. I think the reason I could manage mine was I saw really quick results. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have stuck at it. For some reason I’m finding it easier now I’ve moved outside of “rounds”… I think half of it is headspace! Keep going, you are doing brilliantly. X


    1. Thanks lovely! Yes headspace is such a big part of it. I don’t mind plodding along and losing 1kg a week if I am enjoying food and in a good space with it all. I always fail if I go for anything else! And honestly the food is so good, it makes it easy to be patient! I don’t feel at all ripped off lol

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