28Day CH – D1 + D2

Don’t you just love my shorthand? I hope it makes sense. There are going to be a lot of these posts so I wanted to make it easy.

Here is a look at the first couple of days on the challenge.

Day 1

Meal plan

Fruit salad with nuts and seeds (changed)

Choc quinoa cupcakes (changed)

Tuna filo parcel

Apple with PB (changed)

Cheesy chicken meatloaf

Choc coconut rough (changed)

As you can see I changed quite a bit of today’s program. I do like the flexibility I can have with the meal plan even after it is set. I usually have something else from the meal plan or the recipe library.

This morning was an early start and I was hungry and in a hurry so I had a HM Banana and Walnut Breakfast muffin. They aren’t awesome but I had a stash pre-made in the freezer so it was easy to grab on the go.

I made the entire batch of Choc Quinoa Cupcakes with an avocado base choc icing. It sounds super weird but I was really willing to give it a go. I ate half a one and they were so revolting I threw the rest in the bin. I was so surprised as I actually quite like quinoa but fark, they were WRONG.

Instead I diverted to one of my fav snacks on the HM list – two whole grain crackers with light cheese and tomato. Yum and a staple for me.

The tuna filo parcel for lunch was so good! I don’t usually eat tuna but it sounded pretty nice because PASTRY so I decided to try it and I’m so glad I did. It had cheese and peas inside and I served it with a bit of rocket and lemon. Honestly delish. I’m adding it to my favourites.

I got naughty and ate half a snickers bar for afternoon tea – errrr has peanuts? Ha! If there is naughty food in the house I really need to just get it out.

Dinner was so delicious but the kids weren’t fans which was disappointing. I mean, cheesy chicken? What’s not to like?

I thought they’d love it for sure. I even chopped their meatloaf and pan fried it a bit to make it more like chicken nuggets. They weren’t fooled. Mr 7 ate it but complained, Miss 3 refused. That’s pretty typical of them.

I ate the rest of the snickers bar for after dinner snack – whoops. But I will make those coconut rough things today.


I was a legend with exercise today. I had a new weights session with my PT and she made me bring it. It was awesome.

Day 2

Meal plan

Fruit salad with nuts and seeds

Whole grain crackers wth cheese tomato

Chicken rice bowl (changed)

Eat out option (changed)

Vegetable spring rolls (changed)

Once again, I strayed from the plan. Ha! I had the breakfast which was so yummy.

Adding nuts and seeds is a great way to boost a fruit salad and adds that extra crunch. I will have this again although I noticed that even with the added crunch it didn’t fill me up as long as some of the other breakfasts do.

I intended on having the morning tea when I got home but we were out until midday in the end and I was in a hurry so got into preparing lunch. I just ate an apple while out that the toddler didn’t want.

I switched the lunch and dinner around which was a good idea as the spring rolls are fiddly and there’s no way I would have made at dinner time as I was knackered and already preparing something else for the kids. Anyway the spring rolls left me underwhelmed but were ok.

We usually all go out for gelato as a family on a Tuesday but it’s Mr7’s birthday tomorrow so there will be days of treats going around so I figured we could skip gelato and no one would notice. No one did. Phew.

For dinner I made the kids bolognese so instead of the chicken bowl I just added the sauce to an already cooked medium sized potato. I was done with food prep for the day!

Miss 3 remembered we had some lolly bananas stashed away so I might have had a few of those post dinner. SO BAD. I felt a bit annoyed with myself but couldn’t seem to stop nevertheless.

Exercise – this is where the accountability thing helps. I was tempted to do nothing today and excuse it as a rest day post weight training but I decided I didn’t want to blog that I’d been lazy so did a little home routine of push up / frog squat / burpee in a 1-10 formation. So you do 1 of each, then 2 of each then 3 and so on. I got to 9 before the kids disrupted me and had definitely worked up a sweat so I felt a bit virtuous in the end. Ha!

I don’t weigh in every day but I might do a Fri AM check-in and see how things are traveling. That way I’ll have a little pre and post weekend view too as I’m sure the weekend hits me hard.


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