Welcome to my new space

Hello Friends and Strangers of the Internet

Welcome to my new space on the web. I have had to relocate from my previous space at Stories for Strength as I simply couldn’t face writing there about my day to day woes when it is intended to be a safe space for those on some of our most intense quests in life: Infertility and VBAC.

Stories for Strength will remain a resource for those struggling with Infertility and fighting for a VBAC and I will now be free to get on with building it for that purpose as my trivial opinions and moaning will no longer be clouding the space. I had this vision of mushing it all together in the convenience of one blog but the combined content thing really wasn’t compatible for me in the end. I think now that I have this space for personal and that space for special purposes I will find the block will uncork itself and the writing will become free again in all areas.

This space is intended to by my “every day” space; although I’m totally not going to write here every day. I have two kids, who has time for that?

You don’t want to read my rants every day anyway. That would probably be totally boring no matter how much humour and wit I managed to pour into them. Because you know I’m all humour and wit, right?

In this space I will moan about parenting, share my sunshine and lollipop days, rant about my opinions of the world and share my quests of which there will be many; sometimes successful but mostly futile.

Thanks for joining me for the ride. See you later, alligators.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new space

  1. Awesome! And yes – I’d write every day if I could and I am always thinking about posts in my head, but family life is so bloody busy! Look forward to reading more xxx


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